High Bar vs. Low Bar Squatting ?

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asked May 29, 2017 by pmbishop210 Monk (240 points)
I know that there is a lot of evidence to support both styles when it comes to stength training program i.e. 5x5. However, is if there any evidence that can show that one style may be more appropriate when it comes to doing a 10x10 program, or when training for strengh endurance?

Or, does it just come down to knowing your body type and what works best for a individual?

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answered Jun 2, 2017 by michael.hulcher (780 points)
Specifically for a 10x10? Not really, though my answer would be 'high bar' because it is more readily transferable. In general - use the low bar squat to overemphasize the posterior chain and move maximal weight. So, if you're training to be a 200m sprinter or a power lifter, use the low bar squat. If you like being generally fit, strong, and mobile (and especially if you do a bit of olympic lifting) the use the high bar squat. It forces you more upright and engages the quads a bit more.

A 5x5 protocol would seem to emphasize raw strength whereas the 10x10 format would seem to emphasize muscular size, strength, and strength endurance over raw strength (because the weight is obviously sub maximal for a 10x10).
commented Jun 3, 2017 by pmbishop210 Monk (240 points)
Hey thank you,
That was very useful information.
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