Bodywork in training - Balancing Muscles, etc.

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asked Jun 6, 2017 by campbell.gerrish Convert (220 points)
Hi there - I am going into my second summer following Gym Jones programming.  Learning a lot.  I have had persistent mid back stiffness/tightness.  I went to a rolfer yesterday after reading Paul Roberts article on back pain.  I don't think I got rolfed, but was given some adjustments.

During the session, the practitioner pulled up a few different areas - glutes not firing properly, diaphragm compensating for psoas, and tight pec minor influencing the strength of my left glute!

I am planning to run the 30 Day Foundation program all summer long (3 times).  Is it your experience that movement patterns work out simply through the process of training?  I front squatted yesterday and felt like movement compensations became more pronounced as the weight got heavier.  I'm thinking about how much time I should spend on muscle balancing exercises vs just getting into training and muscles balancing out through the process of training.

Thank you.

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answered Jun 7, 2017 by michael.hulcher (780 points)
That's the beauty of a foundation phase - in addition to building a work capacity (which is hugely important) fixing imbalances is primary in foundation. There's a good balance of structural work and anterior / posterior and push / pull / squat that SHOULD get you to a 'complete' place.

If you're still having specific issues it could be technique or perhaps more focused volume. Glute issues: additional hip bridges, KBS, targeted posterior chain work may be necessary in which you can add it into any supplemental work OR into the specific warmups.

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