When will there be more variety in the training in the today in the gym section???

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asked Jun 13, 2017 by drjameslaithwaite Monk (140 points)

One of the most informative aspects of the gym jones website is the today in the gym section ... in the past it was like a little daily gift where we would get a view of what happened at gym jones and various other gyms all around the world. If you have been to gym jones seminars and understand programming it is a very educational experience to decipher how each training session is put together by certified trainers for their own athletes at their own gyms. Some days there would be 5 of these gifts - from the mother ship, from Sweeden, from Egypt ... ect. 

Now it is a single snap shot and its is 1 of 4 people. Its not the same as it was. I love Matt's programming and have learned a shit ton from it ... but after a few months its the same. You can only read and look at so many strength and power days that he is programming for himself.

We need more post like Burky ... that is the shit ... its a snap shot into how he programs for a single person ... for a single purpose ... day after day ... its an amazing example of what Gym Jones can do for a single person. 

Why is this section so thin? And why are there no training sessions from the mother ship??? And what are the plans to beef this sections up??? With so many people being certified is there a specific plan to get them to post more sessions



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answered Jun 14, 2017 by maximus (4,970 points)

Thanks for the note. We are going to be unveiling a "Session Of The Day" type of section soon and you will see more dedicated posts soon.

Stay tuned.

commented Jun 14, 2017 by drjameslaithwaite Monk (140 points)
thanks ... appreciate the reply and the work you are doing ... hope you and the family are doing well.
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