Failure as teacher

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asked Jul 20, 2017 by campbell.gerrish Convert (220 points)
Dear Gym Jones -

My question is about failure.  Or rather, struggle.

I'm 5' 8", 160lbs.  I attended Fundamentals last September.  I'm determined.

Part of what I seem to be going through now is "finding the problems" in my structure.  When I upped my training load last summer to approach Gym Jones standards I began to find all the kinks and tweaks.  Currently I am trying to fix a tight and weak mid back, left knee patellar tendon that gets tendonitis or some irritation, and left elbow that gets tendonitis or weakness at an attachment.

What I am betting on is the long term gain that if I keep working it, I will figure these things out and if I continue to push towards higher standards, I'll get there.  It feels to me that even though I want to go hard a la Gym Jones standards, sometimes I very much need to rest and take care.  This is frustrating.  Because I want to train hard, start to embody those physical results, and teach other people the process.  At the moment, I am battling some physical fixes I haven't solved yet.  Also, I don't have a ton of cash to shell out for PT, Chiro, Acupuncture, etc.  The best I have for recovery right now is sleep and eating right.

My question is about perseverance and the balance of going hard, really pushing, and then listening and backing off when needed.  My question is also about "Failure as teacher" because I am trying to link up failure towards standards with a positive mindset that I am making progress, rather than feeling defeated by not making it there yet.  

I'm open to learn.  I'm balancing building a new business with a 15-week old baby boy and getting my training in.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

I also wonder if I should up my membership so I have access to the Structural Work plan.  I did some structural work with Colin Kubarych this winter that started to turn some of these challenges around.

Thank you.



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answered Jul 31, 2017 by michael.hulcher (780 points)
Hi Campbell!!

This is a multipart question that could be answered a number of different ways. First, I'll try and address the balance issue.

I think you need a program that addresses your structural needs in the specific warmup and the supplementals while giving you the correct dose of work in the actual 'workout' portion to see some improvement. Can you fix your structural issues and find ways to go hard? I think so. And you're right - it is a balance. As you said, you have a TON going on, so its going to be very difficult to train for 'performance' when you have so many things on your plate.

Training is simply 3rd right now. I'd spend my time focusing on structural issues first, going hard in areas that you can go hard without causing structural set backs, and not worrying so much about our gym standards. Get yourself fully healthy, get your business healthy, and then figure out where to really start going after the standards. They will still be there.

commented Jul 31, 2017 by campbell.gerrish Convert (220 points)
Awesome, thanks Michael.  This is super helpful for me to get my priorities straight and focus on what's most important.  Thank you!
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