Is not taking protein after a workout worth it for trying to lose weight/gain muscle endurance?

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asked Jul 30, 2017 by gavin001 Convert (200 points) 1 flag
I'm trying to prep for bud/s. I'm currently deployed to a shitty base in the middle of nowhere that has meagre workout facilities and a single place to eat (and no way to get or make my own food) which prevents me from really watching my calories or anything, so, despite doing pretty high intensity workouts, I've largely remained the same weight. I know body fat % and strength are not directly correlated but given that my goals are things like being able to do a lot of push ups and being able to do a fast 1.5 mile, it seems like the added calories of a protein shake might be counterintuitive.

Currently I'm 185-195, 5 ft 9, probably 15-20 BF% (not fat by any means but not lean either)

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answered Jul 31, 2017 by michael.hulcher (780 points)
What you really need to focus on is power to weight ratio. The easiest way to get faster and be able to do more pushups is to drop some weight. I'm also 5'9" but I'm about 175. Push-ups and running would be WAY harder if I put on another 15-20 pounds. The absolute first thing I'd do in your position is lose 15# and think about getting leaner. You don't need extra cals, you need to restrict and RUN.

Now I don't think you need to worry about protein. Get 24-30 grams per meal. Its carbohydrates that you need to be aware of. You can still watch your cals despite not having control of what's being put on your plate. You can choose NOT to eat certain things. Try and aim for 2000 cals / day. If you're not sure how to visually count calories, use this as a starting point: one palm of protein is roughly 25g. 2 fists of veggies is a serving of veggies. 1 fist of starch is 25g carbohydrates. One thumb of fat is about 15g fat. These are rough estimates but they'll serve you well.
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