Which Foundation Program to choose?

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asked Aug 5, 2017 by Rob.Finn Convert (230 points)
So I'm hitting a majority of the Gym Jones Standards. I've got all of the strength standards except I'm about 30lbs (15%) from the front squat standard.  I'm improving ,slowly, with the endurance standards (7:40 2k row; endurance has always been difficult for me but I'm working on it). My question is which foundation program, in your opinion, would benefit me the most to improve endurance while continuing to improve strength?  My ultimate goal is to meet the standards then start a strength program.

Appreciate the help.


1 Answer

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answered Aug 19, 2017 by maximus (4,970 points)
Rob ,

I would actually move to the Operator Fitness Program which is based on Foundational Training.

You could also do the high level foundation work as well.

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