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asked Aug 18 by ssharrell Monk (180 points)
I was planning on starting the Rowing Specific Fundamentals plan on Monday. However, I have to travel the following week for work (interestingly to Salt Lake City). Then I return for a week and then travel again for a week. I was planning on exercising, but I strongly suspect that the hotels won't have rowers. And while I have located some CrossFit boxes, they prefer me to take a class rather than do my own thing. What is your opinion about on and off again training for this, or any, plan? Should I just wait until I have a full 28 days without interruption? Thank you very much for your thoughts and advice.


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answered Aug 19 by maximus Convert (4,970 points)
I would do the No Gear workouts in place of the rowing ones until I could be in a place where I could commit to the rowing program.

commented Aug 20 by gregory.colomb85 Convert (180 points)
Actually I'm on the third weeks on No gear program, if you want my opinion it's a fu**ing program. You would try it!!!!
commented Sep 2 by ssharrell Monk (180 points)
Thank you for answering my question! And gregory.colomb85 awesome.
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