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asked Aug 25, 2017 by thomas.cusack Monk (140 points)
Hey, what equipment would you consider essential to have for completing most of the workouts on offer at gym jones? It is sort of implied that someone taking on remote training with you guys will have or have access to a certain "base" collection of equipment that emulates or does its best to emulate what you have at the gym. There is no formalized list anywhere on the site, but I think that having that might be a good starting point for people serious about trying to follow your guidance.

 I know the gym is fairly minimalist, but it also doesn't -exactly- replicate what you might find in a typical crossfit and while a globogym offers a pool sometimes and some KB and plyoboxes, there are some things you guys use all the time (SkiErg) that are hard to find in most gyms or homes.

Here is a list of what I've seen so far or been asked to use or have access to:

Outside for running.

Heart rate monitor?  

Olympic swimming pool

Kettlebells (53#, also 25-35-45 lbs seem to help)

Dumbells (15-20-25-30-35#)

Barbell (Fat barbell as well)

Bumper Plates (about 500 lbs)

Plyo Boxes (24" especially)

4" Box

Rowing Erg, Airdyne (Ski Erg features prominently in your workouts as well)

Rubber Bands

Space of roughly 12-20 m for crawling/sprinting

Sled for dragging and pushing


Pull Up Bar (yours are custom)


Squat Rack

Dip station (IronMind)


  What else? I guess its three questions 1) what is the minimum list of equipment you consider essential to starting the training you prescribe 2) What are the most frequently used pieces of equipment (I think KB, erg/airdyne, barbell, pullup bar, rings...) 3) What would a "completist" inventory trying to emulate your gym include?


Specific equipment question:  I sometimes see pictures of pushups on a small wooden board with sort of triangle supports, what are those and what are they for? Also, for your sprint start rig, how do you make that setup or what brand do you use? I tried daisy chaining 3 green bands to an IronMind weight belt and bolting that to a wall but ended up snapping the bands. Maybe I'm too big or fast, but is there a specific rig you use in the gym that is the "right" length and strength for this? Any other "uncommon" items in your gym that you "commonly" use?

  Basically I am asking for a small inventory of the essentials of the gym for someone inclined to continue doing the programs you have, and any brand or size recommendations if you have them.

  Respect for the work you guys do. And thanks beforehand for an answer.

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answered Sep 9, 2017 by maximus (4,970 points)

Shoot me an email and I can help.

commented Sep 18, 2017 by andersen1974 Disciple (100 points)
I would love to know the answer as well.  I'm looking to follow your workouts at home.
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