Can we implement the notes section back into the training plans?

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asked Sep 5, 2017 by zachary.a.hyde Convert (180 points)
One of the features of the old site was the ability to write notes on our day to day workouts.  Are there any plans for adding that feature back?  It's not a critical feature however, when I was doing days that we did testing (1RMs, time trials, etc) it was helpful to put that info in on the given day and reference it later on when I was doing something percentage based from those tests.  Thanks guys.

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answered Sep 9, 2017 by maximus (4,970 points)

Right now we are evaluating a bunch of stuff for the site. Your request is on the list. It may happen, it may not.

Thanks for voicing your opinion. We are dedicated to making the site as good as possible.

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