Supplementals on Cardio Day

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asked Sep 13, 2017 by campbell.gerrish Convert (220 points)
Hi - I am easing back into a more full training schedule.  One primary objective is to fix weakness and pain in my mid back.  I'm using core stability and lower/mid back exercises to do this.

Is it ok - from a programming perspective - to add supplemental work after a cardiovascular recovery/endurance workout?  Today I did 30 minutes Skierg followed by:

3 x 12 superman back extension

3 x 10 Good morning with 45lb bbell weight

3 x 10 Bbell row with 45lb bbell weight

3 x 40 sec side planks - each side

3 x 10 RDL @ 44lb KB

Or better to keep all strength work on workout days?

Thank you -


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answered Sep 23, 2017 by michael.hulcher (780 points)
Do 2 exercises in the specific warmup and 2 supplementals. Totally fine to add supplementals on a power endurance or endurance day.
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